Let Go Studio

Grow your psychedelic business on autopilot

We help psychedelic retreats, clinics, and coaches attract a steady flow of new clients with social media ads that won’t get you banned.

Our team has spent over $50 million on ads helping conscious organizations scale

We know what works, what’s safe, and how to stay in the algorithm’s good graces. 👾Plus, this is the same approach that took Tricycle Day from 0 to over 40,000 active subscribers in under a year. Now we’re offering you the secret sauce.

The Let Go Flow

Here’s what you can expect once you become a client of our agency. 🤝

  • 🧘 Step 1: Preparation. We’ll work with you to understand your campaign objectives and ideal customer persona. Then we’ll develop a custom strategy plan just for you.

  • 💊 Step 2: Dosing. We’ll build out all your campaign assets, which might include ad creatives, landing pages, lead magnets, and emails.

  • 🚀 Step 3: The Journey. We’ll launch your campaign on Facebook and Instagram and start bringing in new leads.

  • 📈 Step 4: Integration. We’ll monitor your campaign performance and report back on key metrics. Meanwhile, we’ll constantly be testing and optimizing the campaign to drive costs down.

Want to work with us?

Hold up! We recommend clients have a budget of at least $5,000 per month available for ad spend.If that’s you, fill out a quick application and let’s see if there’s a fit. 👇